Built-up Letters

"The Lights are Looking Fab and Really add to the Set-up"

Mark Pentecost - Creative Services Co-ordinator - Disney
Lewis Critchley Trading as E Signs Built up Letters

Lewis Critchley Trading as E Signs Built up letters for fascia signs and flat cut letters for wall.Lewis Critchley Trading as E Signs make the 10mm deep built up letters as we have for Dragon Rouge. The flat cut letters are on locators fitted to the wall.


‘You’re a Godsend! We were looking for a Sign maker, and you came along and said, ‘I can make the sign and showed us the samples and made it easy!’

‘I’m Really Pleased with the work, Golly Good Job.’

‘You’ve done an Amazing job!!! And in such short notice…such a great supplier to have!’

‘The Signs are Amazing! Everyone and I mean everyone who sees them, says how amazing they are!’

‘Really did a good job on the first lot of signs. It was bang on time’

‘I’m impressed by your work ethic and to have a Signmaker who is articulate and intelligent is refreshing’

Designed. Signed. In Time.

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