Engraved Plaque Signage in London

E Signs made and installed the  British Transport Police Main Force Control Room Memorial plaque. This was part of the unveiling ceremony by Boris Johnson.


Stainless Steel vs Brass Engraved Signs

Stainless Steel plaques communicate a sense of quality. They remain in pristine condition for many years and require no maintenance.

We manufacture and supply stainless steel engraved plaques in brushed finish or polished finish.

We made Brass plaque signs for E.on. Brass looks gold in appearance & creates a prestigious sign.


Engraved stainless steel or perspex plaques for internal doors communicate to your clients that you spare no expense to make them feel comfortable.

The engraved plaques convey quality. The material of the engraved signs become part of the message.

Polished metal door signs need not be as expensive as they look and perhaps are the best value signs we make. The plaques are a good way to infer permanence and credibility.

Our engraved plaques convey a timeless quality as though the business has been around for decades. We can fit the Plaque directly to listed buildings, or on raised fittings. We can also make bespoke engraved signs which are interchangeable.

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    "Thank you so much for your work the other night...The signs look Fantastic...They add a touch of Class!"
    "Really did a good job on the first lot of signs. It was bang on time"
    Tim Wakeman, City of Westminster Council
    "I'm impressed with your work ethic and to have a Signmaker who is articulate and intelligent is refreshing"
    Berwick Post Sound Post Production Studio, Soho