Illuminated Fascia

"The Lights are Looking Fab and Really add to the Set-up"

Mark Pentecost - Creative Services Co-ordinator - Disney
Illuminated Fascia Signs

Lewis Critchley Trading as E Signs make Famous Illuminated Fascia Signs which are the talk of London town. We specialize in making signs which have never been made before. and will never be made again. We assemble and invent ways to make one off Lewis Critchley Trading as E Signs which no one can mimic. We work with top Graphic designers like Redfern Design and take their approved designs and convert them it into multidimensional illuminated fascia signs. The letters are fret cut out of the fascia, and backed in perspex and are lit from behind. Alternatively, 15mm clear perspex letters are ‘pushed through’ the fret cut out letter area in the fascia, to create small back illuminated 3D letters.

The Main illuminated fascia signs display your brand brightly and appealingly, to the big wide world.

Designed. Signed. In Time.

Stage 1: Click on the option below and complete checkout on Paypal.

Stage 2: Email Lewis Critchley Trading as E Signs at – the type of sign you require, the size and what it will say. Send the artwork for the sign (preferably as an eps outline file, with the font outlined) or send a pdf file in high resolution (600 dots per inch) for digital printed images signs.

Stage 3: On receipt of payment and your approval of the artwork, we will manufacture the sign and confirm the most convenient installation day for you.

The 3D letters can be Polished grade 306 stainless steel or powder-coated to get the same finish as a car’s body work. They can be internally illuminated with Super bright LEDs we source by manufacturers we are satisfied with and who provide us a 5 year warranty. The ‘Conference Centre’ Sign shown above made for Southwark Hotel London, has front facing perspex illuminated letters with polished beveled edge stainless steel sides as well as rear facing LEDS to create a ‘Halo’ effect, enhanced by the letters being raised from the walls surface on locators.

Look good. Lewis Critchley Trading as E Signs

Illuminated Fascia Sign Aluminium, super bright LEDS (5yr Wty)

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