Perspex Signs

"The Lights are Looking Fab and Really add to the Set-up"

Mark Pentecost - Creative Services Co-ordinator - Disney
Perspex Signs

Perspex Signs by Lewis Critchley Trading as E Signs have been made and installed in 1 working day turnarounds.
We design, project manage, manufacture and install Clear Perspex signs for successful business facilities managers. E Signs ® are thorough, focused and reliable London sign specialists making Signs based in London.

Throughout this website there are options to ‘add to cart’ and complete checkout signs identical to those displayed in the images. If you require a bespoke sign, call 0208 133 1819 today or email with the size, type of signs you require and what it will say. We’ll send you a link with an estimate option for you to ‘add to cart’ and to complete check out if required. Once we Manufactured and Polished the Signs we’ll bring them to you and install them.

Designed. Signed. In Time.
Clear polished Perspex Signs

Lewis Critchley Trading as E Signs made and installed the Westminster City Council Memorial gardens perimeter fence signs and 3 banner signs in Embankment Gardens by 6.30pm of the same day, of the order placed at 10am – to be on the evening news. Turnaround time – 1 Working day.

Lewis Critchley Trading as E Signs made and installed the large exterior and 2 interior Main BIS Government signs in 1 Victoria Street London 10am Sunday Morning, having received go ahead on Friday at 5pm. We repeated the installation a second time when the new Government came to office. The Turnaround time -was 1 Working day. For Larger Perspex Signs the turnaround time can be between 10 and 20 working days.

Lewis Critchley Trading as E Signsmade and Installed the main engraved stainless steel Serious Fraud Office sign on Tuesday 5pm from go ahead on the previous Friday at 5pm. Turnaround time – 1 Working day:

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